Our history

Supporting awareness, education and access to hearing treatment around the world

Cochlear Foundation was established in 2005, driven by a desire to help more people hear. To accomplish this, we aim to reduce the impact of hearing loss on individuals and societies.

Hearing health is an issue that affects many of us, and it’s impacting more people every day. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 1.5 billion people live with some degree of hearing loss, and that’s projected to grow to 2.5 billion by 2050.1

Today, 60 million people live with severe to complete hearing loss.1

Yet this issue fails to rank as a priority in many societies. Those with hearing loss, especially in communities where hearing services are under resourced, often find it harder to participate in school or find a job.

We aim for a world where everyone can access hearing treatment and a life rich with potential. To achieve this, we have helped to fund more than 120 projects across the world supporting thousands of children and adults with hearing loss, along with hearing health professionals who are dedicated to helping them hear.

We must raise awareness of the impact of hearing loss through education, prevention and access to treatment.1

Cochlear Foundation has held a long-term vision and commitment to help more people hear across the world since being established in 2005. In that time, we’ve funded projects worldwide focused on improving education for health professionals, advancing research and supporting community programs.

1. World Report on Hearing, World Health Organization, page 40, Figure 1.5.

Learn more about the programs we support

Across the world Malala Fund
Across the world

Removing barriers to education for millions of children and young people, including those with hearing loss, and raising awareness about the need for early access to hearing healthcare and support.

In Australia The Shepherd Centre
In Australia

Supporting a research program, which identifies methods for improving treatment and care for the hearing loss community.

In Vietnam Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss
In Vietnam

Helped develop a multi-year auditory-verbal therapy and paediatric audiology training program in Vietnam to help more of Vietnam’s young children with hearing loss develop listening and speaking skills.